Course Description

Option #1 - Groups Only    ($25\Month)
  • On-site Groups (location to be determined by demand), Google Chat Face-Time Internet Groups (limited to 5)\Facebook Private Groups\Forums\Recorded Video Groups
  • Includes Study Sheets (any books or additional materials must be purchased separately)
Option #2 – Student ($100\Phase)

3-Self Paces Phase for Completion of Program

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Biblically Based Curriculum * (See Syllabus for Schedule of Phase Classes)

Phase I – Embracing Our Humanity

This curriculum identifies & expresses the hurts that have shaped our beliefs

Phase II – Giving an Account

This curriculum begins the process of taking ownership of the power we have given our wounds

Phase III – Putting Our Faith in Action

This curriculum empowers & releases the believer into becoming a giver of life to the community around them

  • Unlimited Access to Peer Feedback through Daughters Facebook Page, Private Graduate Supported Facebook Pages, Blogs and Graduate E-mails 


A Certificate of Completion will be given at the end of each Phase\Semester. Student may apply for a graduation certificate upon completion of all Phase requirements

One-on-One Biblical Counsel - (in person, by phone, private chat or face talk)
$25/session due at appointment
For more information contact us at: or start now by clicking the following link to complete an application: Application for Admittance